Shepherd´s π

17.11.2018 20:48

Shepherd's π is an innovative material that is produced from waste leather scraps, originating from industries. The material, when utilised, can reduce virgin material use and help to achieve circularity in industries that use leather. 

Shepherd's π contains left over shreds of leather bound with a natural glue. These two complementary ingredients are processed in the form of a sheet. This composite material can change its state from rigid to flexible when exposed to steam. This allows a single sheet to be used for multiple different applications throughout its lifetime. At the end of its lifecycle, the material can be simply dissolved in hot water to separate the leather and then reprocessed for another use.

In a time where climate change threatens our existence, we need to develop new processes and materials that can mitigate the impact on our environment. This sustainable material can reduce leather that ends up in landfills or waste incineration and minimise the use of virgin leather.

My aim of this project is to create awareness about the necessity of circular economy within the industries, to strive for a waste-less future.